transform the business

10 Tips to Transform Your Business Successfully

Long-term success is more likely with a successful business transformation. Innovation, market demands, and the ever-increasing complexity of regulatory requirements can all be met by utilising these new opportunities. Ms Huma Homayun, the author of this article, outlines some of the most important aspects you need to keep in mind while you transform your business.

value added

What is Value Added in Business?

Offering your customers something extra like free service or parts supply allows you to increase the value of your item. In such a case, a client may not change the loyalty with your brand. A business can offer a lot of benefits to differentiate itself. This justifies the difference between its buying price and selling price called the value addition. The article explains the concept of value added in business.

Buying and Selling Business Activity

What is Business Activity?

Business activity is more than just selling something for money. It includes offerings that meet the lawful needs of others. The activity is intended to generate a profit, but the risk of loss and uncertainty are inherent in any business activity. It necessitates entrepreneurial abilities and involves choices, decisions, and opportunity costs. The article explains the fundamentals of business activity and how it is primarily about efficiency and organizing resources.