What Is Fintech? Everything You Need to Know About the Fintech Industry

Any area of the economy that utilises some form of technological improvement in the provision of financial services to clients and businesses ranging in size is referred to as “fintech,” or “financial technology.” When fintech is introduced, the financial industry is able to quickly adapt to the changing landscape brought about by the new technologies. This article describes what exactly “fintech” is and how it is reshaping the financial lives of people.

Industry factory

How Industry Contributes to Economic Development

The industrial sector is the key player in economic progress and wealth generation. Rarely do high-income earners exist in countries where agriculture dominates. A country’s economy cannot thrive solely on consumer goods and services. Economic growth and exportable commodities and services are essential for development. This article discusses the role of industry in a society’s economic development and recommends two books to further your knowledge in this connection.