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Exploring Business Opportunities in the Health and Safety Profession

If you are a safety expert, you can find many ways to increase your income by exploring business opportunities in the health and safety profession. This blog post outlines some business ideas to get started as a business person in this industry.

But first, let’s take a look at the challenges the professionals are facing in their health and safety careers. These challenges necessitate them to adopt a mindset of “safety entrepreneurs.”

Like all other professionals, most of the time occupational health and safety experts see jobs as the only opportunity. A majority of them simply try to stay on top of the job. They think getting a high-paying job is the only sign of success. So they focus all their attention and resources on finding safety-related professional jobs after acquiring the requisite training. In the process, they often ignore entrepreneurial opportunities in health and safety.

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A number of safety professionals do not pay much attention to the business opportunities that are available in the value chain of health and safety.

Health and safety professional jobs market

The job market of health & safety is similar to the rest of the job markets, where high-paying jobs are open to few professionals at the top, while the majority are confined to the lower echelons.

health and safety professional

Indications such as unemployment, under-employment, low wage levels, and lack of motivation are also common in this field like all job markets. Therefore, many individuals in health & safety occupations seldom get high-paying jobs.

Most professionals are afraid of trade and business. The same is true in the safety profession. The experts see jobs as an easy way to earn a living. In this way, they waste precious years of their lives in small jobs.

This mentality leads to an increase in the number of job seekers in the market instead of a focus to take up the profession of trade and business on their own.

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Job-mindedness alone in any profession is not going to fit into today’s global economy. We are experiencing difficult times, troubled business environments, rising unemployment, and uncertain job markets where only a few highly connected professionals can grab high-paying jobs.

The rest of the people in different fields do not have access to good opportunities.

Safety Entrepreneurship

Safety entrepreneurship implies that individuals associated with the health & safety profession ought to be urged to foster business abilities.

To grow as an entrepreneur it is vital for them to take risks, make mistakes, challenge difficulties, and maintain an unwavering passion.

Your first step is to acknowledge that health and safety has a special place in people’s life. If you call yourself a safety professional and know the value of your skills, then you are already one step ahead in making your place. You just have to focus on differentiating yourself both in skills and approach.

There is excellent scope in the safety sector that can be very much advantageous if you decided to break down the limitations to entrepreneurship.

Book: Start Your Own Senior Home Safety Consulting Business: From Startup to Success in Just 30 Days

Start Your Own Senior Home Safety Consulting Business: From Startup to Success in Just 30 Days


The health and safety industry growth indicates it is becoming a knowledge industry. The more you learn in the knowledge industry, the more you earn. Only those who keep learning can succeed. But acquiring or learning superficial skills is not the key to success.

If you are ready to face the challenge then go the extra mile. Acquire full knowledge, build dynamic skills, and differentiate yourself from the rest. When you create your own unique value in any profession, good fortunes start unfolding.

Health and safety training and certifications

  • NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health)
  • IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • ISO (International Standards Organization) Safety Standards
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Business services related to health and safety

You can create your best profile after receiving complete training in safety courses from the above schools of learning. With the advancement in formal education together with the completion of safety courses, you can become a trainer and create your own firm in Safety consulting or training.

health and safety

You can contact various companies, factories, and organizations to offer training services to their employees in the following areas.

  • Training to work at building height
  • Training to work in limited space
  • Fire safety training
  • Accident cause analysis training
  • Accident prevention advice and training
  • Changes to building maps according to safety standards
  • Training on avoiding cutting or damage to the body during manual work
  • Electrical Equipment Safety Training
  • Awareness and rescue training of dropped objects
  • Driving Safety Training
  • First aid training
  • Emergency response training
  • Prevention training in case of natural disasters, rumors, and crises
  • Corona Prevention Health Training
  • Hazards identification and prevention

These are just a few examples. In addition, there may be several health and safety issues in which services can be rendered. Only those who have obtained the relevant certifications from authorized schools and have developed teaching skills for specific courses can be qualified for delivering such training.

Safety ISO

If you establish your firm and get ISO certification after taking authorized courses and obtaining experience, you may be able to start your health and safety consulting business. You can offer the following services. 

  • Provide health and safety advice to organizations
  • Suggest improvements to the health and safety management system
  • Facilitate ISO certification for the safe management of companies
  • Become a third-party certification body for ISO
  • Provide accident cause analysis services
  • Providing services and advice to companies as an outsourced HSE functionary

The health and safety consulting business is best suited for those who have in-depth knowledge and industry experience. They need to demonstrate practical skills in the implementation of ISO standards and health and safety regulations and compliance procedures. 

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This is a huge task because every organization has different types of requirements for security or safety systems. Most organizations want their systems to be recognizable to compete globally so that they meet ISO standards. This brings a great opportunity for safety professionals to offer specialized services.

Health and safety product development and selling

There are numerous health and safety-related physical products and digital products that have good business opportunities in online and offline selling.

Physical products

  • Sale of equipment such as protective equipment or placeholders for backlinks.
  • Develop and sell safety indicators and signposts
  • Dropshipping online business related to security equipment
  • Selling affiliate products online and earn a commission
  • Launch your online store for health and safety products such as

Digital products

  • Creating and selling protective posters and stock imagery on or
  • Creating and selling 4K HD Safety Stock videos on or
  • Creating and selling online safety courses at
  • Making and selling health and safety templates such as
  • Creating and selling health and safety software such as
  • Creating and selling best health and safety practices or technical knowledge such as
  • Manufacture and sale of health and safety training materials such as
  • Working as a freelancer in safety consultancy and services
  • Buying safety products eStore on and selling products
  • Launching health and safety information blogs such as and monetizing Google Adsense
  • Writing and selling health and safety-related articles at
  • Create a safety awareness and information channel on YouTube
  • Create your own Amazon or other affiliate websites for selling safety products and earn a commission on every sale
  • Creating and publishing best health and safety practices in digital online markets such as

Health and Safety Training Institute

To play your part in delivering training you need to learn relevant courses from various safety training institutes, schools, or online platforms. After becoming a certified trainer you can then set up your own training institute and make enrollments for delivering training.

Establishing your own training institute requires partnership with and approval from certification bodies.

Protective Body Products

To buy and sell physical products, you need to research your market and find out which brands are in high demand. It takes a thorough understanding of the product delivery chain and how you can reach your suppliers and customers.

Book: People Power: Transform your business in the era of safety and wellbeing

Book: People Power: Transform your business in the era of safety and wellbeing

The following is a list of some health and safety-related products.

Eye and Face Protection

  • Safety glasses
  • Laser safety glasses
  • Chemical splash goggles
  • Impact Goggles
  • Face shields
  • Safety helmets
  • Hand protection
  • Lightweight latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves
  • Lightweight chemical-resistant gloves
  • Light to heavy chemical resistance gloves
  • Heavy chemical resistance gloves
  • Insulated gloves
  • Wire mesh gloves

Body Protection

  • Conventional Cover (Cotton / Cotton-Polyestermix – Protects skin and clothing from dirt, ink, harmful chemicals)
  • Fire-resistant cover (for example with Nomex or another flame-resistant cotton that resists ignition)Barrier (mainly polyester that provides splash protection, not flame resistance)

Respiratory Protection

  • Surgical mask
  • N – 95 Mask
  • Half mask respirators
  • Full mask respirators
  • respirators cartridge

Hearing Protection

  • Disposable earplugs
  • Reusable earplugs
  • Hearing band

The products mentioned above do not cover all health and safety-related products. There are countless things coming out with innovative capabilities over time. You simply ought to analyze increasingly the more products and discover their markets for selling.


There is a big demand for health and safety coaching, training, products, and services in almost all industries. Your passion to start the journey as an entrepreneur can enable you to benefit from business opportunities in the health and safety profession.

The endeavor may initially start with fewer resources but will eventually bring you success with hard work, passion, and perseverance.

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