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Money and Investment: Top 10 Books Everyone Must Read

As our financial situation changes, so too does our need to know more about money and investment. If you’re new to the world of business or investing, or if you’re just looking to expand your knowledge base, check out this list of top 10 books that everyone should read. From classics like “The Intelligent Investor” to best-selling like “The Psychology of money“, these books can teach everything we need to know about money and investment. So why not start reading today?

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki, a son, grew up with two men. One was his biological father, who was poor, and the other was his best friend’s father, who was rich. Both of these men had an impact on Roberts’ views on money, investing, and wealth. He wrote a classic book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ that has led the personal finance industry since it first rocked the world 25 years ago. Since then, being a classic book about money and investment this is translated into dozens of languages and sold in millions of copies.

money and investment: Rich Dad Poor Dad book

This book explains the distinction between working for money and money working for you. And if you believe that in order to be wealthy, you must have high-income levels, you should start reading this book right away because it will shatter your belief by dispelling the myth that you must have a high income in order to become wealthy. Robert explains once and for all what an asset and a liability are, as well as why you should not rely on schools to teach your children about money.

2. Think and Grow Rich

The book “Think and Grow Rich,” which was first published in 1937, is rightfully known as the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature.” Napoleon Hill, the author, first time ever disclosed “what makes a winner?” by telling stories and anecdotes of millionaires of his time, such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford. In this book, he sums up the “Law of Success” in an authoritative and concrete manner. The book has been updated numerous times since it first shook the world.

money and investment: Think and Grow Rich book

In the most recent edition, Arthur R. Pell, Ph.D., a Human Resource Management expert, has skillfully blended the stories and thoughts of modern-day billionaires such as Bill Gates and Dave Thomas as to how they made their fortunes.

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3. The Psychology of Money

For each of us, money is one of the most significant aspects of our lives. Money psychology operates in a different way than most of us believe. We think that numbers and formulas are used to make financial, investment, and commercial decisions. All of these decisions, however, are made in meetings and negotiations in the actual world. Pride and ego, personal image of the world, history, and unusual incentives are all essential aspects that people evaluate while making decisions about money and investment.

money and investment: The Psychology of Money book

Morgan Housel’s award-winning book “The Psychology of Money” explains to readers how money minds work. It teaches the behaviors that are required for constructing the money blocks. The author asserts that how you behave matters more than what you know if you want to be creating and sustaining wealth.

4. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Wishing for success is one thing. It is only half of the job. What matters is how we get there where we want to be. But where do we look for the missing link between wishing for success and achieving it? T. Harv Eker’s book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” is now available that reveals the missing link most of us are looking for. What do we think are the sources of our success? Education, talents, luck, jobs, and investments are all places where we find success. None of them, however, guarantee it. This book’s author shows us how to recognize the “money and success blueprint” that we all have in our subconscious minds. We can know everything about money, investments, and personal finance, but if our financial blueprint isn’t set up for better success, we will never achieve it, according to Eker.

money and investment: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book

The book is divided into two sections. The first section explains how many variables shape our financial and success blueprint, as well as how we can reset it. The book’s second section unveils “Wealth Files,” which provide specific instructions and techniques for thinking and acting in the manner of successful individuals rather than poor ones. If we aren’t performing well financially, it suggests we don’t have a clear money blueprint and this must-read book can help us identify and reset it.

5. The Richest Man in Babylon

We frequently hear anecdotes and stories from the past. They usually revolve around emperors, crowns, and princes. However, there were always people who kept the world moving. They were herders, traders, and merchants. They were the wealth creators, builders, and savers who knew how to make, preserve, and invest money.

money and investment: The Riches Man in Babylon book

“The Richest Man in Babylon,” a famous 1926 book by George Samuel Clason, tells the fascinating stories of money and investment about ancient tradesmen who knew how to earn, get out of debt, and put their money to work for long-term wealth. The book’s vignettes provide practical financial advice and demonstrate the universal laws of prosperity.

6. One Up on Wall Street

Are you interested in stocks, mutual funds, or money markets as an investor? It is essential for you to read the best book “One Up on Wall Street.” A renowned mutual-fund manager, Peter Lynch, explains how the typical investor may outsmart the professionals by gathering simple data and examining the facts from financial statements that truly count. The book, which has been sold in over one million copies, explains the secrets of turning an average portfolio into a star performer. The author provides investing advice in fast-growing opportunities.

money and investment: One up on Wall Street book

7. A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Buton G. Malkiel’s book “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” is an excellent resource for anyone who is starting a new portfolio or is proficient in the field of investing and portfolio creation. This book provides reassurance in today’s tough and competitive world of investment by highlighting potential prospects in emerging markets. It provides important information about the increasingly complex world of derivatives, smart-beta funds, and exchange-traded funds. The book is so well-liked in the financial community that it is sold by over 1.5 million copies to date.

money and investment: A random walk down Wall Street book

8. The Intelligent Investor

Benjamin Graham was one of the best investment and financial advisors of the twentieth century. He introduced the concept of “value investing,” which he claims can help investors avoid committing costly mistakes while making investment decisions. They can use the ideas presented in the book to develop long-term strategies. Graham’s book “The Intelligent Investor,” first published in 1949, has earned the label of “stock market bible” in the investment industry. Since the original edition has been preserved, new editions have incorporated modern-day investing and market realities. The book demonstrates how Graham’s principles are still relevant in the world of money and investment that provide important financial insights to investors and practitioners.

money and investment: The Intelligent Investor book

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9. The Most Important Thing

Howard Marks, Chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, has written yet another classic book on investing. The book is essential reading for everyone who wants to acquire or improve their investing skills, whether they are a novice or a professional. The author shared his decades of experience in the investment management profession, including his history and ideologies. He provides readers with tried-and-true information to help them understand how investments might succeed or fail. The book is especially helpful in coping with the issues that today’s unpredictable financial environment presents. It outlines ideas for paying attention to a variety of factors that he believes are the most crucial for effective investment decisions.

money and investment: The Most Important Thing book

10. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Are you tired of financial advisors, consultants, and managers who are more concerned with charging high fees than with delivering high returns for your portfolio? If your answer is yes, you should take Warren Buffet’s advice and read Jack C. Bogle’s book “Little Book of Common Sense Investing,” a legendary mutual fund industry veteran. 

money and investment: The little book of common sense investing book

He believes that investing is just about common sense, and he introduces the most basic and most effective investment strategy for any investor who wants to succeed. A thorough reading of the book will lead you through practical measures for making investment a profitable endeavor. The book not only provides helpful guidelines for overcoming investment-associated costs but also reveals the true formula for success in investing. 


The best books about money and investment that have been mentioned above are worth reading. They will help you take good decisions for your business, finances, and even personal life. It is important to note that the list of books above is not all-inclusive. The dimensions of money and investing are covered in countless books. But if you’re looking to gain some insights into the world of money and investing, the list we’ve put up above will largely fulfill your purpose.

Do you agree with our selection of books? What are the other books you have read to improve your financial situation? Do share them with us in the comments section for the help of our readers.

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